If you're planning to sell your home, making it more attractive and valuable doesn't need to cost you a fortune. There are many small things you can do which together add up to a healthy boost in the price a buyer is willing to pay.

1) Make All Repairs

Attend to every repair you can find, no matter how large or small. Obviously, major issues like a leaky roof can be a sale-stopper and absolutely must be fixed.

However, even minor problems like creaking floorboards and leaking faucets combine to give a picture of neglect. No buyer wants to pay top dollar for a home which doesn't seem properly looked after.

2) Touch Up Paintwork

There's no need to completely redecorate your home, but a splash of fresh paint won't cost much and will make a huge difference to immediate surface appeal. Choose a neutral color rather than anything too edgy, and your home will quickly look cleaner, fresher, and more attractive.

3) Check the Carpets

If your carpets are old or worn, consider replacing them if you can afford to. A low-cost carpet that's in good condition will always look better than an expensive but shabby one, and looks count for a great deal in a home's value.

4) Improve the Yard

A tidy and attractive yard is a great selling point for most people. However, don't go over the top with complicated landscaping. Unless your potential buyers are keen gardeners, they'll likely prefer something that's simple and easy to keep looking good rather than a yard that could win horticultural prizes.

5) Let In the Light

Go through your home with a fresh eye looking for dark and gloomy spots. If you find any, how can you brighten them up a little? Removing heavy drapes to let in more light can help, or maybe you could add a wall lamp or two. A bright home looks more airy and spacious than a dark one, and the cost of a little electrical work is low compared to the boost in value it could give.

6) Fix or Replace the Front Door

If your front door is looking past its best, can you improve it with repairs, or does it need replacing? Your exterior door will be one of the first impressions viewers get of your home, and it's vital to make it a good one.

7) Spruce Up the Bathroom and Kitchen

A full remodel is probably unnecessarily expensive, but sprucing up your kitchen and bathroom can add a lot of value to your home.

Make these essential rooms look as clean and spacious as you can by decluttering and brightening up the decor, and by giving all surfaces a thorough clean.

And if your budget allows, replace any particularly outdated or ugly appliances and fixtures with something a little more modern.

8) Hire Outside Help

Lastly, even when you think you've got your home completely sale-ready, it can be useful to hire a versatile handyman to inspect it. An experienced and practical eye will often spot problems you've overlooked, and a good handyman can fix many issues quickly and inexpensively.

Selling your home for a good price means making a strong impression on every level possible. If you pay attention to all the small things, the overall effect on value is much greater than the sum of the parts.